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Guest Post: Beauty Cuisine on making a statement

May 18, 2012

Making a statement doesn’t have to be achieved by wearing clothes straight from the catwalk (although if you can afford to wear such things, please do get in touch. I will be your new best friend!) The easiest way to acquire envious stares is by wearing striking pieces of jewellery. It’s happened before – you spot a woman wearing a piece. Your eyes widen in awe, and in a few seconds, the green monster has taken over: you need to find out where she got it, when, how much it was (not that it matters) and you need it in your life. Now.

I used to be a fan of dainty, barely-there necklaces and big bold rings. Lately, I’ve been involved in somewhat of a jewellery role reversal: big, bold necklaces and delicate, tiny rings. I’ve included some of my favourites below. While some of these pieces are affordable…some of them are unfortunately not. But who cares? That’s what credit cards, birthdays, and impulse buys are for…right?

Purchase info:

Purchase info:

Temi, who blogs at Beauty Cuisine wrote this post: “Beauty Cuisine is an online journal. I’m a 20something year old girl living in London and I like to remember, record and puzzle over life’s moments, which I chose to do so here. It’s my own little space on the worldwideweb to ramble a bit about beauty, food, fashion and my life; viewers/voyeurs can consume as they wish.”

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