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Cookery school

July 26, 2012
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Earlier this year, I made a Summer to do list (here) as of yet, I have only put one action into motion, and that is to move house which I am planning on at the end of August. The next thing I am hoping to achieve from my list is to learn to BBQ by myself, I think I’m going to tick that one off my list while on holiday…wish me luck!

What I wish I had put onto that list is cook more often and more adventurously. I absolutely love to cook but often find that by the time I get home from work,  I’m simply too tired to cook a recipe from scratch, relying instead on tried and tested favourites. So I have decided that as soon as I am back from Spain (I leave on Saturday for two weeks) I am going to make more of an effort to cook and create recipes from scratch so that I can throw completely extravagant dinner parties in my new flat.

I could do with collecting more cookbooks to help this process along, I have some wonderful recipe books from the obvious Nigella and Jamie Oliver but if anyone has any suggestions for chefs/ books that might inspire me, I’d love to hear them!

The Cooking Necklace by the BumblingBird- a teeny tiny wooden spoon, grater, and whisk dangle together from a gold chain- so cute!

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