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Easy Entertaining

September 10, 2012

There is nothing I enjoy more than having friends over for mid-week dinner parties to try new recipes and of course throw in some tried and tested favourites. As soon as the new flat is ready for visitors, I have a feeling we will be entertaining 2-3 times a week. Being a relentless planner, I am already beginning to think of new recipes, table settings and background playlists. I envisage a fuss free table of all white tulips in jam jars, tea-lights and glass bottles of infused water (mint, orange etc.) Such small touches which will hopefully make for an inviting dining space.

I am inspired by this beautiful table setting from Cupcakes and Cashmere

When it’s been a busy day at the office and there is simply no time to prepare a 3 course meal from scratch, I rely on the following formula. A simple cheese plate to start- I like slate cheeseboards that you can label with chalk, a one-pot meal (I use this cookbook religiously) and a partially home-made dessert. Making a dessert from scratch is a lot of effort so I like to bake some cookies the night before and buy some vanilla pod ice cream to pair them with.

The last element I consider for my dinner parties is the playlist which can really set the tone for the evening. Firstly, consider your event, is it a low-key brunch or a Friday evening full of nibbles and cocktails? This will establish the right music to play. I like my playlists to be made up of three parts:

Upbeat- for when your guests arrive and you serve wine/ cocktails

Mellow- Songs that will not compete for your guests attention will make up the majority

Calming- Calming music will signal the end of your dinner party.

Do you rely on any tried and tested recipes or playlists for your dinner parties?

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  1. September 10, 2012 10:18 pm

    love this photo, tulips are beautiful! I just love fresh flowers in a home! dinner parties are great and help make the week fun!

    hope all is well!

    love from NYC,

    Shop Taylor Morgan

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