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Butternut squash and coconut curry

October 31, 2012

I usually have an array of go-to vegetarian recipes up my sleeve but I’m cooking for a friend who doesn’t actually eat a lot of vegetables. Knowing she’s a fan of butternut squash, but having previously made a risotto for her, I wanted to try a new recipe. I came across this one on the Good Food website (where I get most of my recipes from if I’m not using a cookbook). It is possibly the quickest and easiest veggie curry I have ever made.

The only ingredients you need are one large butternut squash (cut into cubes), 2 tablespoons madras curry paste (I favour Veeraswarmy’s), 1 red pepper cut into chunks, a can of coconut milk and a small bunch of coriander to garnish. I also added a can of drained chickpeas to my recipe to add a little more texture and flavour.

The next time I make the curry I am going to try out this recipe for spiced flat breads, it would make the perfect side dish to an otherwise simple dinner.

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  1. November 5, 2012 3:28 pm

    I’m so in love with butternut squash. The thought of pairing it with coconut milk is fantastic. I’m a recent veggie, and I’m always looking for new recipes. This looks great!

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